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Changing Ideologies within the Romantic Comedy Genre in the 21st Century

It is evident that throughout film history, there have existed ideologies within films which can be clearly acknowledged and understood by the viewer, or exist in more of an implicit fashion. Messages from the “dominant” culture or implications from capitalist … Continue reading

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Post 5 – Film Review of Brave (2012)

It is undeniable to say that every child loves a Disney movie. Since the first ever “Snow White” in 1937, to when our horizons were broadened in 1995 when Pixar gave us the first computer generated animated film: ‘Toy Story’ – audiences … Continue reading

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Post 4 – Explicit and Implicit Ideologies in film

In order to discuss how ideologies can be expressed in film, firstly a definition of the word ideology will be stated taken from author John Hess’ journal article ‘Film and Ideologies’: “Ideology is a relatively systematic body of ideas, attitudes, … Continue reading

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